8 Business Ideas for Students You Can Try to Increase Income

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It is commonplace that today’s students want to have additional income. For some students, having additional income can help meet their needs.

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1. Open a translation service

The first business idea that can be run by students is to become a translator. You can create a blog and then offer your expertise through the blog post so that many people who need a translation in the form of writing can contact you through the contacts provided on the blog.

online language translation services to be more economical, use cheap web hosting from Gapurahoster to create a blog, starting from 98 thousand per year you can have your blog.
So what is the potential income?
You can earn tens of thousands of rupiah per sheet or per several hundred translated words. It depends on which fare calculation system you use.

2. Become a Reseller or Dropshipper of a Famous Brand

You can start being a businessman early while you are a student by becoming a reseller of well-known brand products. It’s no secret that many students are more aware of branded products, so it will be easier for you to benefit from this business if you run it consistently both offline and online.

become a product reseller & drop shipper
By becoming a reseller or drop shipper, you can pocket profits of tens to hundreds of thousands per sale without the hassle of producing goods and packing.
Just accept the order, receive the next transfer, the producer/supplier takes care of it.
Another advantage is that you can “pivot” aka switch to another product easily and quickly if you feel it doesn’t match the product you are currently marketing.

3. Opening a Product Deposit Service

One more online business that can be run easily by students is opening a product deposit service. Yup, for those of you who have high mobility, you can often get a deposit from your friends, now this is an opportunity!
set rates for product delivery services from people who entrust the product to you, so not only can you be tired & bothered, but there are results.

You can promote the services you have through social media or personal blogs so that more people know about this business. Promoting it online is also an opportunity so that your business can be more widely known in the wider community.

4. Running an Online Business

If you are a student who has sufficient capital, then there is nothing wrong if you open an online business seriously. Producing products and then marketing them via the internet.

start your own online business

This online business can be run in your spare time and has a myriad of advanced marketing strategies such as digital marketing using blogs and social media, so you can easily get additional income to help cover your daily expenses.

5. Open Design Services

The business that can increase student income is the design service business. You can display a portfolio in the form of designs that you have created through a blog or portfolio website with web hosting for business and then share the blog link through various social media platforms so that people who need designs can use the services you offer.

One of Gapurahoster’s business lines, Instanesia, was initiated by a team that likes design & uses it to earn income from its design services.

Instances professional graphic design services

If you need the best and most affordable web hosting provider, you can visit gapurahoster.co.id. GapuraHoster provides a variety of packages at low prices, ranging from the starter, medium, to business. Not only that, customer support from GapuraHoster will be available 24/7. So, if you have a problem, GapuraHoster is ready to solve it.

6. Open Freelance Writer Services

The type of business that can be done by students is indeed mostly included in the type of freelance work that can be done on the sidelines of spare time. One such business is a freelance writing service business.

freelance article writing services
Those of you who have talent in the world of literacy can open a blog to display various written works that you have made and distribute them to various social media to attract consumers. The income you receive from this business is also quite diverse depending on the quality. And the existing agreements, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per article.

7. Web and Blog creation services

This business is very suitable for students majoring in IT, which is to offer web and blog opening services. You can work with various qualified programmers and developers to provide high-quality programs for various groups such as entrepreneurs.

Globalcybermedia professional website creation service
The income from website and blog creation services is quite high, you can get millions of rupiah per order from this business.

8. Youtuber, Tiktokers & selebgram

Who doesn’t know the profession of Youtuber, Tiktokers & celebrities? Even these professions are currently the ideals of most young people.
So if you have something interesting to share, you can channel it through Youtube, TikTok, or Instagram. It doesn’t only have to be entertainment & fun, but useful content about science, tips & tricks to hobbies you can post & earn.
The income you get can come from Adsense, endorsements, online classes, donations, or product affiliates.

By using various strategies such as creating a blog with web hosting for a professional business, you can build your own business to success. You only need to buy web hosting from a quality developer or programmer to get a high-quality look and blog. By using a high-quality blog, your business will be easier to recognize and attract various groups of people.

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