Our top 5 tips and tricks for learning languages

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How do you maintain strong work discipline?

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All these questions are important! And that’s normal when you want to learn a language. it is sometimes difficult to find the right rhythm. Even with the best will in the world! To best prepare you for using our method. I have prepared a short guide to the major features and our best tips and tricks for learning with our application (available on Smartphones and computers).Our top 5 tips and tricks for learning languages

Choose your level

Getting back to English before starting a new job? Learn Spanish before an outing to South America learning languages ? Or maybe just want to learn new things. The motivations for learning a foreign language are endless. When using our method for the first time. The first of our tips and tricks for learning a language is to define what your real level. select the corresponding lesson!  Most of the courses we offer will allow you to reach an intermediate level. And of course. All are available for French speakers!

For example, imagine that you have chosen to learn Spanish. . You should initially choose the course that best suits your requirements. It’s very simple: just go to the Courses menu, from the Babbel navigation bar. Then choose between beginners or intermediate courses. But before you can access all our lessons,  don’t forget to validate your registration!

For each level, you will have the choice learning languages between a large number of courses that deal with various and varied themes. A particularly interesting specificity. some lessons are entirely dedicated to the pronunciation of certain letters (for example the lesson below. Which you can find in the  Beginner’s course 2 in Spanish). Need to take a break? At any time, you can pause the exercise in progress and return to the list of lessons with one click. Even better: our mobile app gives you the ability to download your favorite lessons and review lists to work offline. It’s a great feature for those who want to learn a language without using up their data plan!

Focus on what you want to study

Motivation is the key to success when learning a language, but it is also a fragile treasure that must be preserved.

Our experts are unanimous on the subject: learning is always more fluid when it addresses a theme that interests you.  This is the reason why we offer you. In addition to classic grammar and pronunciation exercises. Additional lessons that cover various subjects and real situations. The English courses  The American Colloquial Language and Visit through the United States will allow you, for example, to facilitate meetings if you are traveling across the Atlantic.

Of course, we have created specific courses for each language we offer learning. If you choose to learn Spanish, the courses on  Spanish and Latin American cuisine will introduce you to delicious culinary specialties. Have you decided to take up English? Check out our lesson on f to friends; you will be surprised to discover that certain words of French origin have a completely different meaning in the language of Shakespeare! One of our favorite tips and tricks for learning: Consider exploring lessons in the Vocabulary and Phrases section. They will help you to better target your learning! Need to know the names of utilities because you’re going on a business trip? Do you love endless debates? Are you passionate about the digital world? It is the ideal place to discover the vocabulary specific to the chosen topic, and a perfect complement to the usual lessons.

Use the review tool

It’s proven: one of the best tips and tricks we offer for learning a language and not forgetting anything you’ve learned is to revise. Because revisions are crucial, the Babbel method relies on a revision tool exclusively designed to review your vocabulary and embed it in your long-term memory. This is ideal for retaining the words seen in the lessons and thus enriching your vocabulary. It’s up to you to decide how to integrate the review tool into your learning routine: right before starting a new lesson? Every night before sleeping? Up to you!


To learn effectively, there are no secrets: you have to revise intelligently. That’s why our experts use the spaced repetition method, which consists of reviewing what has been learned at regular intervals. When you discover new vocabulary, for example by following the Turkish course for beginners. These words will be listed by the application. Later, they will be reintroduced in the stages of your learning journey — a conversation exercise, a grammar lesson, etc. — but in a new context.  Even better, you can revise your vocabulary lists using the offline feature. Practical, no?

Celebrate your progress

When you log in to your Babbel account from your computer. Your homepage will show your progress, the level you have already reached and the items you need to revise to go further.  From this page. You can come back to the lessons you want to review or redo an exercise as many times as you want.

Get your certificate

Success is worth celebrating! When you complete your first course — whether it’s one of the beginners, intermediate or additional courses — you will obtain a certificate that will attest to your language level. Download it or post it on social networks: it’s a great way to showcase your language skills…  why not to a potential employer!


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