Future of Metaverse : A real talent war, a virtual response!

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Virtual War:

2021 ended on virtual note. While Facebook had just been renamed Meta, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would spend $10 billion a year over the next decade to launch and democratize the metaverse on a large scale.

A nebulous concept which, however, continues to headline many Unes and to be debated in our discussion circles. The concept? A virtual and immersive world, in the cloud and based on augmented reality.

In other words, the advent of a new web 3.0. A new world that continues to shake our uses and our practices and which, de facto, are slowly infiltrating companies’ digital strategies. And human resources are no exception. Because the growing adoption of digital has been at the heart of developments in this sector, the metaverse will, without a doubt, also have its card to play.


A new matrix remains to be written for metaverse

Everything is to be invented. Because today, still no recruitment initiative in the metaverse has been carried out.

I am convinced of it: while the war for talent continues to rage, it has become essential to consider it as an essential path to support the current recruitment challenges of companies. “Human” capital, which has now become a strategic emergency.

Calls on companies to reinvent themselves and redouble their imagination to attract talent. Because those who will bet on the metaverse to support their recruitment objectives will be those who will attract the talents of tomorrow.

And very concretely? Personal services, industrial, security, banking, health, etc. It’s a fact: all professions will be concerned and it will be possible to simulate specific situations and analyze a candidate’s writing in a precise manner, in complete security.

Because it is here that all the beauty of the metaverse lies: to reconstruct and re-transpose our real environment to test multiple and varied immersive scenarios. And learn from it.

Without any geographical limit, the metaverse will allow recruiters to overcome real borders and access a pool of international talent, with diverse and varied profiles, while avoiding costly travel – whether on the financial or environmental.

How it Works

With the help of our avatars, say goodbye to cognitive biases of gender, appearance, and age! Because the virtual world will focus more on the candidate’s message, discourse, and expertise, rather than the image he sends back.

If these advantages are indisputable, everything remains to be qualified. Because as I said, everything remains to be built: the digital divide, which already exists, will undoubtedly be accentuated there, these new technological uses will continue to widen the gap with environmental concerns, questions.

Issues relating to privacy. users will also have to start to take shape,… Without a doubt, we are only in the beginning stages and the opportunities to be seized are immense, but we must, in the long term, together, bring bricks of answers to build a world virtual as much – or even more! – ethical than our real world.


Explore the metaverse to offer an immersive experience to project the future employee into his company and facilitate his onboarding.

Capitalize on the metaverse to reinvent the classic CV and get to know the universe of a candidate, … You will have understood it. The possibilities and scenarios are endless.

Is the virtual therefore a response to the issues addressed in the real world? In any case, it will be necessary, in the future, to build bridges between these two worlds. Because the virtual will fit above all in a logic of optimization of our reality.

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