What can we expect from the iPhone SE 2022?

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Apple’s next big product will be a new iPhone SE 2022 – unless the predictions turn out to be wrong -. Just days before the announcement, one of the most reliable analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo, added his thoughts to our information.

The iPhone SE is Apple’s most affordable iPhone, and in some eyes, it might be disappointing. But it isn’t, although all rumors suggest it will look identical to the current iPhone SE.

It will be equipped with 5G, maybe even mmWave technology.

With 5G connectivity, the iPhone SE will be very fast, as this growing network offers high speeds and low latency. Such connectivity in a phone of this price is still far from widespread, which makes the iPhone SE – which could even be called iPhone SE 5G – a real standout.

Even more strikingly, Ming-Chi Kuo’s recent tweet claimed that the iPhone SE will include 5G mmWave, that faster but shorter-range variant. To have this in an affordable phone is stunning, and means it probably won’t be quite the same after all.

Although a major change is not expected, at least one of the sides of the iPhone will have to be modified to facilitate the reception of millimeter waves. Note that mmWave is only available for iPhones in the United States. Regular 5G sub-6 frequencies will be supported by all iPhone SE models.

Adding 5G antennas to an existing 4G model is tricky, and it can hurt battery life if not done right. However, Apple will have fixed that, making this phone capable of a lot more than even a 4G phone with such a fast processor.

Also note that the addition of 5G will put this phone ahead of the iPhone 11 which is still currently in the lineup, and which costs more.


It will perform very well.

It looks like the next iPhone SE will have Apple’s latest silicon as its brain. Thus, the similarities between the iPhone SE of 2020 and this new model will only be superficial.

The A15 Bionic chip is the one that powers the iPhone 13, the latest iPad mini, and, probably, the future iPad Air. It’s an incredibly fast processor that outperforms the competition in almost every comparison.

So putting this processor in an affordable phone is completely unheard of in phones from any other manufacturer. Payless and you’ll have a much slower processor, that’s the rule with other manufacturers.

The epitome of the “small format” iPhone.

The presence of Touch ID on the front means that the screen of the current iPhone SE (and therefore expected on the next one) measures only 4.7 inches. That’s smaller than the screen area of the iPhone 13 mini with its 5.4-inch display. Why is the iPhone SE so significant while the iPhone 13 mini is a smaller device?

There are two reasons. First, the iPhone 13 mini is supposed to be the last iPhone mini. So the iPhone SE might be around longer than the mini.

It didn’t sell as well as other phones in the lineup, it seems. And this is due to the other reason: the price.


The price will probably be very attractive.

If you want a small phone and have the choice between the $699 iPhone 13 mini and the $399 iPhone SE, that price difference makes the SE very tempting.

Of course, the mini is better. It has a Face ID, an OLED display, Ceramic Shield, a vivid design, and dual cameras. Without forgetting, of course, the A15 Bionic chip which is much faster than the A13 Bionic chip of the SE.

Still, if you want to buy the most affordable iPhone, then the SE has a lot to offer for a very reasonable price. And it looks like the next model is about to change drastically.

Moreover, some analysts have suggested that the price of the new model could go down to 299 dollars (275 euros). But that seems utopian.

Mr. Kuo didn’t comment directly on the price, but he pointed out that, in addition to the 64 and 128 GB storage tiers, there could be a 256 GB model. Which would arguably still be cheaper than the Entry-level iPhone 13 mini.

The camera will be amazing.

Although the design of the iPhone SE only features a single camera, and this is likely to be repeated on the new model, Apple will no doubt improve the photographic capabilities.

The iPhone SE had essentially the same camera sensor as the iPhone 8, but was capable of so much more, thanks to a faster processor. It featured the most advanced single-camera system on an iPhone (better than the iPhone XR which, at the time, was more expensive). This new phone will surely make similar progress, again simply thanks to the remarkable capabilities of the new processor.

In comparison to the current iPhone SE, I believe Apple will make some hardware changes to the sensor and/or lens setup.

What else?

The success of the next iPhone SE can be predicted for many other reasons. It will be offered in the same colors, white, black, and PRODUCT(RED) if Kuo’s prediction turns out to be correct.

If Apple calls it iPhone SE 5G, it might be because the company is keeping the current model in the lineup, too. But honestly, that seems unlikely, as the lineup already has eight to choose from. And a cheaper iPhone SE would mean the new model couldn’t claim to be the most affordable iPhone.


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