4 creative ideas for inspiration in web design

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Web design is a technique that consists of combining design and web design. The function of this service is to arrange the content of a web page in different forms and formats; Text, image, photo, animation, video, sound…

Web design is constantly evolving since the arrival of the WEB, this following the development of new technologies, new offers which always give rise to new practices on the part of users, for example, the user experience UX, Responsive, and everything else. … Now making a website for your business becomes a real challenge!

While waiting to get started, here are some web design ideas classified by type of production and activity: New interface styles, trends, and inspiration to launch your new website, stand out while reaching your target audience.

Modern and clean web design:

Modern and clean design modern and clean design is the most used style in recent years. Opting for this style is the best way to best present your offer and avoid visitor confusion.

This modern, clean style mostly features a sans serif font, intuitive navigation, a minimalist layout, and lots of flat designs.

The aesthetics of modern and clean web graphics give a rather formal impression. It is advisable to opt for this design in the sectors of technology, consulting, and education.

To facilitate the engagement and loyalty of your customers, this style allows you to communicate essential information for visitors while focusing on the quality of the content and much less the quantity.

The CAPRI ON VIA ROMA website has opted for a modern and refined style to present its offer. This makes it easy to meet visitor needs and loyalty.

Fun web design:

fun design the style of a fun design gives a warm side to your website. Opting for this style allows you to offer an immersive experience to website visitors.

This fun style features quirky fonts, bold colors, illustrations, and detailed infographics.

MIAMI is a website that uses pleasure to create an enjoyable and memorable customer experience for users. The design of this website includes fun characters that react when touched. The overall experience is full of surprises of discovery and pleasure…

Classic and vintage web design:

Classic and vintage web design classic and vintage web design brings a touch of nostalgia, warmth, and familiarity to your website. In a cold and virtual world like the internet, it is important to use information that touches visitors’ emotions to stimulate their feelings and memories.

This classic and vintage style includes faded textures, old typography. These elements create a sense of familiarity among visitors to your website.

Classic and vintage is recommended for photographers, artisan bakers, and vintage clothing brands.

Vintage creations are influenced by the period they are supposed to represent (1950-1980). Design elements reflect well-known personalities from the past and old-fashioned objects.

The TEXTILSCHMIEDE website is both classic and vintage. The design of this site is based on a background reminiscent of old wallpaper, its typology resembles the font of old typewriters and the damaged photo represents the printing process.

Flat design:

Flat design is a style focused on minimalism. This style gets messages across quickly with its simplicity. The flat design is characterized by its large flat areas of color and non-existent borders.

The flat design puts 2D in the spotlight to communicate its message. Flat designs are mostly 2D images and graphics. There are no shadows in flat design or light effects.

Flat design favors geometric icons and logos that are always presented in the front view to facilitate navigation and optimize the readability of the website.

Flat design appeals to the imagination of website visitors. The elements that make up the interface of the website are presented most merely.

The Insurance Experiments website is a good example that represents flat design. The graphic elements of its interface (boxes, buttons, and navigation tools) facilitate the navigation of visitors to the website.

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