SEO under the influence of artificial intelligence

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The techniques of SEO have evolved following the practices of artificial intelligence (AI). Now, AI technology makes it possible to create personalized optimization strategies. The AI transmits more precise search results following the passages and behavior of visitors on the Internet, information on the location, PC stations used…

The SEO techniques that we know will always serve as the basis for optimizations. But the evolution of search engine algorithms can better define what Internet users are looking for. And this changes SEO strategies and practices.

Most marketers see positive and rapid change with AI. Artificial intelligence is becoming an essential element in a marketing strategy, particularly in digital marketing and in content optimization via search engines (SEO).

The future axes of SEO under the influence of AI

Using Artificial Intelligence to Power SEO Content:

Using AI to Power SEO ContentAI programs optimize the competitive intelligence of web pages, text and image content analysis, videos… Some programs even display the rankings and notoriety scores of your competitors via search engines.

New opportunities: Identity trending topics in your industry and competitive gaps in your market. But also find topics corresponding to your editorial content and keywords…

Optimized conversion :

Artificial intelligence provides web page SEO techniques and strategies to quickly achieve your SEO ranking goals.

Content refresh :

Artificial intelligence provides optimization updates and updated links to mature pages. This practice, therefore, makes it possible to reference new pages more quickly.

Changing the focus of marketing teams

Changing the focus of marketing teams search optimization is evolving and the use of artificial intelligence will change our development methods, allowing us to optimize publications.

For example, create posts from competitive opportunities. This will make it possible to find new avenues of research for the publications and contents of the web pages.

Strategic SEO shift:

SEO managers have long staked their SEO skills on content creation. But in the future, they will focus more on the analytical and strategic aspects by using AI programs.

When making decisions related to website hosting, users today evaluate speed, reliability, security. In the future, hosting platforms will provide custom optimization strategies. That is to say, SEO optimization and many other AI applications are in their hosting package.

Improve user experience

Improve user experience so ( Search Experience Optimization ) is a new form of SEO. This forum brings together classic natural referencing (SEO) and user experience (UX). It is important to know that user experience is an integral part of the future of SEO.

The quality of the content offered by companies is highlighted thanks to this new form of referencing. This, therefore, ensures a better user experience. Google takes several criteria into account before listing a website. That is, to offer quality content and information and to have relevant resources about user requests.

Artificial intelligence makes it easier to understand user behaviors, so it makes it easy to steer a website towards an interface model based on user preferences. Personalization remains an essential element to be closer to users.

Optimize content for voice search

Optimize content for voice search globally, experts estimate that voice searches accounted for 50% of search volume last year. This shows that voice search should evolve well in the coming years.

The way people search for information online is constantly changing. This voice search technology will therefore allow users to perform searches by saying their queries out loud. These requests are processed by a virtual assistant such as Alexa or by a search engine.

Artificial intelligence will therefore come to help set up conversational keyword queries adapted to voice search. Thus, search engines will follow this evolution to better reference websites that offer voice searches.

Ensure a good understanding of images and videos

The impact of images and especially videos will push SEO specialists to focus more and more on optimizing visual communication. In the future, visual content will therefore be much more valuable for search engines such as Google.

It is essential to optimize visual content (videos, images). This is done by focusing on keywords suitable for this type of content. The best way is therefore to integrate the main keywords directly into the title, description, or tag.

Natural referencing will go through several changes following the evolution of artificial intelligence. SEO will position itself in particular on a user experience that favors quality content, diversified, relevant, and ultimately available on all types of devices.

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