The advantages and disadvantages of 5G

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The pros and cons of 5G

Why talk about the advantages and disadvantages of 5G, 5G technology and network will gradually replace 4G technology. But The network can have repercussions on health…

For several years, telecommunications have experienced rapid development. Transmitting text thanks to 2G, sending photos and images thanks to 3G, and revolutionizing internet access via smartphones thanks to 4G.

Currently, the 5G technology and network are available in several countries: South Korea, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States… This new technology is still being tested in France in different cities: Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lyon, Marseilles, Lille, Paris…

The 5G technology and network will promote the digital transformation of society with many advantages, but this new network raises some concerns.

The benefits of 5G technology

The interest of 5G technology for the company

5G technology allows a significant reduction in energy consumption, increased speeds, improved connectivity, optimization of remote work, an extension of the lifespan of devices. In short, a huge productivity gain for the company.

5G technology
5G technology

speeds are 10 times higher than 4G speeds. The average download speed is multiplied by 7. This speed, therefore, makes it possible to download large files, edit them collaboratively and share them from a mobile device. Employees will be able to take advantage of all Microsoft and Adobe suites directly via their mobile phones, thanks to the company’s 5G network.

Unparalleled speed and massive connectivity:

Speed is 5G’s greatest asset. For example, a 5G user can download a movie to their mobile device in less than a second.

Also improves connectivity capacity. This means that several users can be connected at the same time without affecting the connection speed.

Improving the UX customer experience with 5G, reducing waiting times, and promoting the quality and speed of exchanges to give an optimal user experience.

Very high speed for connected objects and industry:

Autonomous cars, videos downloaded in seconds, and video games as if we were there, really make your dream. The small delay of 0.27 seconds that we know today with 4G will drop to 0.01 seconds, which would also make it possible to achieve feats in telemedicine, in particular for remote surgery.

This ultra-high-speed universe is called “the Internet of connected objects”. As you will have understood, 5G will add the interoperability of connected objects… it is a revolution for its supporters.

In the not-so-distant future, our entire environment will be connected and interconnected thanks to the Internet of Things.

For example, your house will preheat by detecting your arrival, your watch will show you what’s left in your fridge and your dishwasher will send you a notification to report a breakdown. The role of 5G is therefore to make its data exchanges very fluid.

Even for industry, 5G will automate and improve the interconnection between machines and systems, as well as optimize the downloading of information in real-time.

The disadvantages of 5G technology:

5G environmental concerns:

Who says new technology says new equipment… antennas everywhere (even on lampposts and bus shelters), new telephones twice as expensive, data centers to store data, in short, very energy-intensive equipment to manufacture. Watch out for CO2 emissions!

It is also possible that 5G will affect observations from weather satellites. It will use frequencies close to those used for weather forecasts. These are based on observations received from satellites, which can create interference. Satellites will therefore send readings that may result from 5G interference instead of a natural phenomenon. This may impact the quality of information and reduce the reliability of weather forecasts.

The dangers of 5G technology on our health:

The 5G network can have repercussions on health and this is causing some reluctance due to electromagnetic waves and an impact on the environment given the number of 5G antennas that will have to be deployed.

5G worries as much as it fascinates since it will increase exposure to electromagnetic fields which will therefore broadcast millimeter waves. These waves can have harmful effects on health “Neurological disorders, cellular stress, risk of cancer…”

5G technology
5G technology

Switzerland is the first country in Europe to install 5G, but disputes have slowed down this installation. Many people are afraid of exposing themselves to this new technology for the health problems it can cause.

Have a phone compatible with the 5G network

Smartphones will have to be compatible with 5G, as happened for 4G after its launch. 5G smartphones are therefore available in countries that have already launched the 5G network. The first 5G compatible smartphone is a Samsung since the first country to have launched its 5G network in South Korea. Xiaomi has also released a version equipped with 5G technology and the other 5G smartphones will be released by the end of the year.

Again, you will have to buy a new 5G-compatible phone in order to benefit from the advantages. One more expense that will further delight operators and telephony merchants.

Certainly, 5G technology is an unavoidable revolution for the global economy. But isn’t this new technology coming prematurely due to the economic context and the current coronavirus crisis. Currently, a moratorium is launched on 5 G… And are you in favor of 5 G?


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