The hottest web trends of 2022

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The development of augmented reality and virtual reality

The concepts of augmented reality and virtual reality are expected to develop further in the future. In the next five years, we expect a 57% increase in the number of buyers who will use augmented reality when making an online purchase. Here are some examples of brands that use augmented reality and virtual reality:

 Amazon : offers customers the AR View application which allows them to see the products at home before making the purchase. Thanks to this application, the product is returned to its initial shape to allow the customer to refine his choice.

Séphora : gives the possibility of trying on make-up looks by taking photos with the clothes and outfits worn by customers.

IKEA : Offers the IKEA Studio application which allows you to capture personalized 3D room plans in terms of furniture measurements and placement. This application also gives the possibility to choose new colors and to add accessories and decorations.

Data privacy and inclusive marketing

Today, the demand for collecting user data is higher than ever. Companies are focusing much more on digital advertisements in their marketing strategies. The success of digital advertising depends on the quality of data and information collected from users.

User privacy has become a very sensitive topic. For this, governments have started to take new measures to protect users. User privacy is at the heart of the regulations, but cultural factors are also at play. In order to succeed in an inclusive marketing strategy in 2022, it is essential to know the identity of the market.

Marketers are developing new features around equity, diversity and inclusion. This makes it possible to recognize the identity of users and avoid any form of discrimination. By following this method, companies will have the opportunity to better connect with their prospects and offer them advertising creations.

The role of artificial intelligence in SEO

Artificial intelligence is very effective in changing the way Internet users interact on a web page. Today, artificial intelligence is starting to take an interest in SEO as well. It therefore plays a very important role in the implementation of SEO strategies.

Rank Brain is Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm . This software has become essential for Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) in 2022. Google has yet to reveal information on how RankBrain analyzes and optimizes content. But experts believe that one of the main ranking factors in search results is the user experience.

When setting up an SEO strategy , it would be important to create well-organized and interesting content in order to capture the attention of readers. RankBrain uses key factors to determine the quality of user experience. RankBrain assesses the time visitors spend on a website and the click-through rate determines the prioritization and quality of content. Thus, it is decisive for the ranking of Google’s search engine results.

The trend of emergence of social media:

Social networks have become very popular sales platforms . The pandemic is one of the main causes that has made shopping more virtual. The number of buyers on social media platforms will increase, this is one of the web trends of 2022. For this, it is interesting to target the right social media players. More particularly a younger clientele, because they are consumers more likely to buy on the Internet and merchant platforms.

Several features now allow conversational marketing, these are integrated into social media platforms. For example, Facebook Shops enables the exchange between consumers and businesses. This contact is made via WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram. 33% of consumers prefer to be in contact with customer service on social networks rather than by e-mail or telephone.

Facebook is still growing. It has around 1.845 billion daily users. These users spend approximately 58 minutes on the platform each day.

Instagram trend is one of the leading e-commerce outlets. The platform has around 500 million users who spend around 53 minutes on Instagram every day.

YouTube has around 30 million daily users. The average duration of use per day is 40 minutes.


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