What to do with a goldfish in a bowl?

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How best to manage a goldfish in a too-small aquarium (ball, jar)?

Buying a goldfish must be prepared. But what to do when a goldfish lives in a bowl? Or if he lives in a very small aquarium such as a ball aquarium of only a few liters? Sometimes the tank of a goldfish is even limited to the volume of a vase! Every reputable aquarist has told someone that fishbowls are terrible homes for goldfish.


So, yes, a goldfish can survive (and not live) in a nano-aquarium, or worse, in a pico-aquarium, but that should be avoided. Moreover, in 2017, an MP proposed to prohibit the keeping of a goldfish in a bowl. In addition, it should be noted that goldfish is no longer sold “with its jar-ball” in certain countries (Italy, Switzerland, and others). On the other hand, in France, the legislation has not yet evolved, even if the goldfish is a domestic animal ( fish domestic ) in the eyes of the law.

The goldfish bowl, a kind of non-honorary title, is a source of conflict between avid aquarists and unsophisticated hobbyists. For some, goldfish are dwarfed zombies, while for others they are just decorative objects in an aquarium. But how do you get out of this rut of anthropomorphic thinking ? In any case, remember that goldfish are smart, like any fish.

Nature of fishes

A round jar full of water is known to have a distorting effect on its inhabitants.

The convex glass of the jars that encircles the fish gives it a tiny appearance, while approaching its eye closer and closer, the animal shows itself below its apparent size.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to reflect on this optical illusion when putting a fish, goldfish. Or otherwise, in such a makeshift aquarium.

If the joke expresses that “the peas are green”, the goldfish, in their jars of misfortune, mope like zombies unaware of their condition. For the goldfish in its “bowl”, it’s not a bowl of living locked up in a few deciliters of water when several tens of liters would suit it better.

In fact, according to the advice given in the best (ideal) goldfish aquarium. A goldfish requires about 50 liters of water to grow normally, without the problem of space dwarfism. Because that’s the whole point, a goldfish that should measure at least 25 cm after only a few years, remains dwarf in a jar. It is a form of physiological adaptation that all fish have, based on the amount of food available.

What to do to keep a goldfish in a bowl-ball?

Unfortunately, the situation of a goldfish living in too small a volume for him exists. Also, here are some tips to make this maintenance go as smoothly as possible. Also, large aquariums can be just as deadly to goldfish when living conditions are poor.

There is a way to turn the bowl into a fairly safe environment. So when setting up and cared for properly, your fish can live a long and healthy life, possibly even outliving the family dog.

And for those of you who are 100% anti-fishball, it can help prevent the death or euthanasia of a fish.

A goldfish in a 15-liter pico-aquarium::
Goldfish in a pico aquarium (15-liter aquarium)

During experiments on keeping goldfish (or Japanese fish ) in volumes of water too small for a goldfish’s anatomy. Some succeed in creating conditions to perform a nitrogen cycle in a bowl, as you would with a regular aquarium. This way, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate are kept very low through this nitrogen cycle, despite a well-active goldfish.

There is a way to make this little goldfish live in an undersized aquarium for more than a few weeks. It is indeed possible to have:

  • sufficient oxygen exchange (without bubbler );
  • acceptable water quality ;
  • enough bacteria to establish aquarium cycling and reduce the need for water changes.

Set up bowl correctly, to begin with, and you can have a pet that will please you for years to come.
Goldfish can grow very large, given certain genetic factors and living conditions. Indeed, the record length of a goldfish is 46 cm. But goldfish also can regulate their growth in a small space. The principle of spatial dwarfism truly exists in all species of fish, even for sharks !

While an adult common goldfish can grow to 25–30 cm in a pond with tons of fresh water and room to swim. That same fish won’t get any bigger than 8–12 cm in a 5-inch bowl. –10 liters. In a sense, the fish adapts to its “home”.

When the small (or large ball) aquarium is equipped with an appropriate filter or live aquatic plants and a substrate that provides sufficient surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow, a fishbowl can harbor a surprisingly large colony of nitrifying bacteria. that maintain parameters at safe levels between water changes. A mini foam or under gravel filter also supplies oxygen to the water, preventing anoxia.

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