How to Apply for Overseas Scholarship

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Getting a scholarship to study abroad is a big dream for college fighters. However, applying for a scholarship is not always easy. Colleges usually only award scholarships to a few academically strong students. Therefore, if you want to try the list of scholarships or want to pocket several scholarships, consider the following tips.

What is a scholarship?


Scholarships are financial assistance that colleges provide to academically good students. This is also a form of appreciation. The scholarships also aim to help financially weak students who may not be able to afford the tuition fees they are taking.

Why apply for scholarships?

As mentioned earlier, scholarships are meant to be awarded to students who may not be able to afford tuition fees but are academically good. However, scholarships can also be given to students who excel academically even though their financial condition is guaranteed.

What documents are required to apply for the scholarship?

Before you can be awarded a scholarship, the selection committee needs to verify whether you are eligible for the scholarship. For this, they need a lot of paperwork and scores to determine if you can qualify for the scholarship program you are applying for. Required documents may vary between scholarship programs, but here is a list of documents that are usually requested:

Undergraduate grades/diploma grades: If you register for the undergraduate program, prepare a transcript of your high school / vocational school grades, don’t forget to also prepare your diploma grades. For master’s or doctoral level registration, include academic grades in the form of GPA. The GPA value will be the concern of the selection committee so that they can assess your potential and see if you deserve a scholarship.

GMAT or GRE scores: Applicants who score lower than the threshold score are often rejected. Some universities have a minimum score requirement, some don’t. Usually, scores in the top 10 to 15th percentile give a higher chance of getting a scholarship.

Letter of recommendation:

A letter of recommendation is a very important document. This helps the selection committee members see how personal you are. Sometimes, if your reference shares something interesting related to your goals and studies, it will increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

Professional experience:

This statement helps the committee recognize your ability to cope with academics and projects that you will have to undertake during your education.

Any published research paper or text:

While not needed, it helps your profile as it shows that you took the time to do some research work that deserves to be published and creates a high enthusiasm for study.

Getting a scholarship is a top priority for every student applying to study abroad. It acts as a source of free money for your academic achievements, it also gives you some recognition.

There are numerous global grant programs accessible to help understudies. Many universities also provide scholarship programs. Be sure to read the guidelines, rules, and eligibility criteria before applying for a scholarship to avoid confusion later on.

We all want to get the maximum scholarship to go to college. But how many of us achieve it? Not many. But there are some genius students like Michael Brown, who won not one, or two or three, but 20 scholarships, all from the top 20 colleges. Read Michael Brown’s inspiring story: American Teens with the Top 20 College Scholarships worth IDR 3.6 Billion.

Scholarship Type


Before you start hunting, take a look at the types of scholarships available. In general, scholarships are classified into four types, namely:

Scholarships Offered by the Government

Usually, the government cooperates with certain universities to distribute scholarships. Now, there are many kinds of scholarships offered by the Indonesian government, such as Superior Scholarships, Mendikbudristek Scholarships, LPDP, SISGP, and so on.

There are also scholarships offered by destination countries, such as Fullbright-Nehru Fellowships, Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships, Inlak Shivdasani Scholarships, and many more.

Taken from, here are the top ten universities offering the most assistance (the school year 2020-2021): University of Colombia, Skidmore College, Stanford University, Amherst College, Trinity College, University of Chicago, Williams College, Yale University, Harvard University, and Dartmouth College.

Scholarships Offered by Generous and Private Organizations


Many reputable companies offer scholarships, including The Reliance Foundation, Tata Group, Sun Foundation, and Aditya Birla Group. Your chances of getting a scholarship are getting bigger, pal.

Scholarships are Offered as research grants (for doctoral studies).

Not only for Bachelors’s or Masters’s programs, college fighters who will undertake doctoral studies also have the opportunity to win scholarships.

How to Apply for an Overseas Scholarship

For those of you who have just graduated from high school and want to study abroad with scholarships, and for those of you who have graduated from Bachelor’s or Postgraduate and want to continue your education with scholarships. No need to be confused, let’s see the complete guide on how to apply for a full overseas scholarship below:

1. Search for available Scholarships

After understanding the various kinds of scholarships that we have described above, start looking for scholarship info, the trick is to use google and type “International Scholarship 2021”, “International scholarship for Indonesian”, “Full scholarship for international students”, “Overseas scholarships”, or try other variations of the keyword.

Next, please match your criteria, such as level of study, college, and courses that are relevant to your background.

Sometimes the competition for scholarships is fierce – To increase your chances of getting one, make sure your scholarship application is eligible.

2. Check if you are eligible

Most Overseas scholarships require you to qualify for university. Before you can apply for any scholarship, you must complete the first stage of your application to the University. Please first read how to apply to study abroad.

But don’t worry, some people invite you to apply for a scholarship first, even if you haven’t passed the destination university. Scholarship providers usually have different policies.

You also need to make sure that you meet any standard requirements. A few grants have explicit prerequisites, for example,

  • Specific gender, age, or ethnicity
  • Specific location or special group
  • Have academic or sports excellence
  • Mean to study in a specific field or at a specific level
  • It is very important to read the scholarship regulations carefully to make sure you meet the criteria.
  • To prepare well, make a list of all the scholarships that you think are eligible to apply for and get as much information as possible about the scholarships by reading the rules.
  • If the scholarship requires a specific project, find out the full purpose and methodology of the project in question.
  • If the scholarship is being funded by a private company, find out as much information as possible about the company, such as its philosophy and goals.

3. Check Registration Deadline

Scholarship application limits vary widely. Please seek as much information as possible to estimate the application deadline for each scholarship program.

4. Collect Files Buddy

To apply for most scholarships, you must fill out a form and provide documents to support your application. You may likewise be approached to go to a meeting with the determination board.

Some of the things that may be asked during registration are:

Proof of citizenship or residence status (e.g. birth certificate, passport)
Evidence of community involvement, financial difficulties, or ethnic background
Transcripts of grades or academic records

5. Complete your registration


Remember that you are trying to prove that you are worthy of financial support. The choice board needs to see that you bring something particularly amazing to the table. Keep these tips in mind while completing your registration:

  • Make sure you have provided everything requested and attached the requested documents.
  • Provide CV only if specifically requested.
  • Sign and date the privacy terms.

If you can, find out about the organizations that provide scholarships and try to tailor your application according to their vision and goals.

Submit your registration well before or by the closing date. The selection panel received many applications and was often ruthless in the elimination process.

Provide accurate and up-to-date contact details – sometimes successful scholarships are lost because the candidate did not respond to the offer insufficient time because their email address was incorrect or they were on vacation and the scholarship was then offered to another candidate.

Guarantee that all mentioned data is given by the end date. You may need to provide birth certificates, academic grades, financial information, and so on.

Include a letter of recommendation, this is a written statement about your abilities that is given by a teacher or lecturer who assesses your academic and/or non-academic abilities while attending lectures or learning activities at the educational institution or college concerned. It doesn’t have to be from where you go to college, please choose the person who you think is right.

6. Selection process

Most scholarships are selected based on academic ability or letters of recommendation. However, some will require an interview. If an interview is required, the Scholarship Office will notify you.

The number of the selection committee varies according to the scholarship. The selection process usually takes six to eight weeks but may take longer. You will receive a written/email notification of the results after the final election.

After reading this article, we hope you are not confused anymore about what an overseas scholarship is, and how to get it. We hope that you will achieve what you desire. Spirit.

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