5 Oscar Controversy 2022, Will Smith Gampar Chris Rock for Being Ridiculed by His Wife

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The United States’ biggest award event, the 74th Academy Awards of Merit was held at the Dolby Theater, Los Angeles on Sunday (27/3/2022) at 17.00 PST.

The Academy Award or Oscar 2022 is an award ceremony given to honor high achievements in certain categories, including acting, directing, editing, scoring, and costume design.

Netflix’s The Power of the Dog drives the way with 12 designations, including selections for best picture, best chief, and a few acting honors.

Meanwhile, the film Dune, starring Timothee Calumet and Zendaya, managed to win a gold trophy in the categories of the best soundtrack, best editing film, and others.

The 74th Academy Awards ceremony was lively and attended by several actors and artists such as Will Smith, Kristen Stewart, Jason Mamoa, and many more.

However, Oscar 2022 this time is not without controversy and shocking incidents.

The following is a summary of the Oscar 2022 controversy, launched from various sources.


1. Will Smith’s Slap

In the middle of the show, actor Will Smith surprised the audience by going on stage and slapping presenter Chris Rock in the face.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after the comedian made a joke about Smith’s wife, actor Jada Pinkett Smith.
At the time, Rock made several jokes about the audience, including Pinkett Smith, referring to him as “GI Jane” because of his short hair.

It is known, the reason Pinkett Smith cut his hair short until it was almost bald was that he was suffering from alopecia.

Shortly after Rock made a joke, Smith walked up to the stage and slapped him in the face.

Smith then got back to his seat and yelled at Rock.
“Keep my better half’s name out of your mouth,” said Will Smith.
“Amazing, man, that is a GI Jane joke,” Rock answered.
Rock then went on to present the documentary prize to director Summer of Soul Questlove.

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2. Broadcast


The Oscar 2022 controversy had occurred before the event was held. On February 15 it was decided that eight of the total 23 categories would not premiere at Oscar’s main event. but one hour before the start of the event.

The categories include Documentary (Short Subject), Film Editing, Makeup and Hairstyling, Music (Original Score), Production Design, Short Film (Animation), Short Film (Live Action).

The speeches of the winners from each category will be edited before broadcast. This has led to criticism from nominees who fall into this category.

“I can’t imagine the purpose of staying in an organization that no longer values my skills,” voice engineer Peter Kurland told The Hollywood Reporter.

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3. Low Ratings of Oscar


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) announced the purpose of cutting the above categories is to raise the Oscar rating

“So, after 11 o’clock, East Coast views drop, and you measure delivery to the last commercial break,” the AMPAS CEO told Deadline.
“It’s very granular, but if the last ad break was after 11 or later than 11, now you’re just absorbing all the decreased viewership and that affects the entire ranking. which affects your advertisers going forward,” he said.

4. Complicated health protocol of Oscar

The 94th Academy Awards, of course, were held with due observance of the Covid-19 protocol.

However, the protocol is considered complicated. Around 2,500 guests attending the 2022 Oscars must present proof of vaccination and at least two negative reports of Covid-19.

However, performers and presenters do not need a vaccination report but they may have to undergo an RT-PCR test to attend the event.

The requirement to wear a mask also depends on one’s involvement in the award event.

Oscar 2022 also invited 2,500 guests from the capacity of the Dolby Theater to accommodate 3,317 people.

5. Fan Favorite Movies


The addition of a new category of fan-favorite films at the 2022 Oscars has caused controversy.

The fan-favorite film category was chosen based on a general vote via Twitter.

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