3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

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Have a dream of studying abroad? Do you know the upsides and downsides of concentrating abroad yet? If so, we will tell you in this article. Thus, you can decide whether it is more appropriate to study abroad or at home.

Pros #1: Expanding Links in the International World

Concentrating abroad will cause you to have numerous companions from various nations. You will have the potential chance to grow your organization universally. So, your friendship becomes wider!

The advantage of having friends from universities abroad is that you have the opportunity to network internationally. You can get a job abroad that comes from your friendship or you can start a business on an international scale.

In addition, if you have a dream to become a diplomat, having friends abroad will facilitate your steps toward your dream. Because an international network will be a plus for your appointment as a diplomat abroad representing Indonesia.


Pros 2#: Greater Job Opportunity

Another benefit that you will feel by studying abroad is that you have greater work opportunities than those who study at domestic universities. This is because many companies need overseas graduates to develop their companies.

One of the important requirements needed is the ability to communicate in a foreign language fluently. It becomes important for a company, especially a large company because every company at one time has clients from abroad.

In addition, as a graduate of an international university, you are used to being a solution solver because you have to survive in someone else’s country. This ability makes you stronger and stronger when you are faced with various challenges that exist at work.

Pros #3: Gives a Different Thinking Perspective

As an overseas student from Indonesia studying abroad, you will learn many things. One of the things you will get outside of college is a new perspective on seeing things.

Your mindset will be different because you are influenced by association with students from other countries. In addition, the spirit of nationalism in you will be greater than that of students studying at domestic universities. Because every university abroad must have an event that requires you to introduce your country of origin to the local community.

During the event, you will be motivated to present Indonesia as well as possible. Doing that, of course, makes the spirit of nationalism in you so volatile.

Not only that, but you will also be able to think outside the box which is different from the thinking patterns of Indonesians in general. It will help you in the realm of work. You can see problems that no one else can see and find solutions to.

Disadvantages #1: Difficult to Go Home When Homesick

One of the things that will be difficult for you to do when studying abroad is to go home. Because, to return to Indonesia, you need a large amount of money. Moreover, you have to buy a round-trip ticket. The expense will deplete your pocket cash.

The difficulty of returning home will be very torturous when you are feeling homesick. You can’t cure the feeling of ‘missing home’ just by making video calls with your family. There must be something different and making communication by video call doesn’t cure the homesickness inside you.

Disadvantages #2: Difficult to Manage Official College Documents

It should be noted that the difficulties experienced by overseas graduates who return to Indonesia are managing important documents from the universities where they are educated. This is because not all universities abroad have been recognized by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) and the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT).

So, when you want to apply for a job as a civil servant (PNS) or lecturer, you need to make a certificate of accreditation for the college where you study abroad. Taking care of documents like this would be quite a hassle.

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Moreover, if the university where you study does not have a network of cooperation with Indonesia. You need to deal with it physically by connecting with your home grounds.

Disadvantage #3: Scholarship Rules Are Too Strict


The question of the cost of studying abroad can indeed be overcome by the many scholarships that are scattered. However, once you get it, then you will be burdened with many responsibilities that you must fulfill.

Starting from the standard value that is high enough to keep the scholarship fund, to the provision of making reports to scholarship providers, either in the form of essays or travel notes. If it is not fulfilled, your scholarship may simply be terminated by the scholarship provider.

Therefore, many Indonesian students who study abroad are very concerned about their grades. They will even very rarely experience tourism in the country where they study because they focus on maintaining college grades so they don’t fall.

That is the conversation of the upsides and downsides of concentrating abroad. Hopefully, this presentation of the pros and cons of studying abroad can be material for your consideration in deciding where to study. Whatever the choice, obviously, it should come from an extremely full grown thought

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