7 Reasons to Study Abroad You Must Read

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There are several reasons studying abroad is the right choice. Although there are so many higher education institutions in Indonesia of international quality, studying abroad is still the choice of many students.

Not only practicing independence and enjoying the experience of living abroad, but it also turns out that there are several advantages of studying abroad that you must know. Here is information on what reasons studying abroad can be the right decision:


1. New Job Type

Currently, globalization and global economic competition are taking place. Many countries are competing to find the right solution so that their country can become the center of the world economy.

Not a few countries have their innovations to create various types of new jobs. If you choose to study abroad, you can get closer to the world’s innovation centers and learn skills suitable for new jobs in the future.

2. Obtaining Quality Education

When making a study plan, the main goal is to get the best quality of education. Moreover, the department’s facilities are very superior. Top majors and universities with study abroad criteria available. For example, Britain, the United States, and Australia with the most favorite education systems.

Several international universities from these three countries are also ranked among the best in the world. You can also take online lectures, so you don’t have to worry because you can still study without having to go to campus and think about the cost of living abroad.

3. Learn New Perspectives


Each culture must have its way of interacting with the wider world, so by studying abroad, you will have a different experience learning about cultural perspectives in the country you are studying in.

The reason for studying abroad is also about how you can interact with international students from other countries. So, you can learn a new point of view that you have never heard of. With a new perspective, you have an independent evaluation of your mindset so far as well as hone it to be more advanced.

4. Increasing International Network

By studying abroad, you also become part of the international student community of the university where you study. Don’t worry about not having friends, because there are various social activities. The goal is to increase a positive network of friends.

Most international students return to their home countries after completing their studies, so often you can keep in touch with friends throughout. So, you will also continue to get the latest information, including international career opportunities.

5. New Hobby


The reason for studying abroad is because you have the opportunity to find new activities or hobbies that you have never found in Indonesia. For example, if you choose to study abroad, you will have the experience of a variety of exciting new sports such as snowboarding or quidditch.

All of these activities certainly do not exist in Indonesia. So, it can be an experience in itself during the study period and living abroad.

6. Foreign Language Ability

Foreign language ability is the main capital because it is an important skill for large companies who want to find quality human resources. By studying abroad, you have a greater chance to improve your language skills other than Indonesian.

Even if you have taken a foreign language course, for example, by being directly in the country of study destination, the experience is different. You have language skills like native speakers because you have been used to living there for several years.

Many international universities are providing specialized language programs. The aim is to help international students master the local language before classes begin.

7. Improve Adaptability


Many public higher education institutions open their doors to international students. You can go straight to college and enjoy access to various facilities at the destination campus.

Studying abroad also provides location shifts as well as learning methods. The shift also helps you to be better able to cope with various situations to achieve your educational goals. By knowing the reasons for studying abroad, you have a clear goal and motivation to take the course from start to finish.

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