7 Ways to Realize Your Dream of Studying Abroad

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Many people think that studying abroad is a difficult difficult thing to achieve compared to studying at home. There are many choices of overseas study destinations that students can recommend, from universities located in Asia to Europe. Each university also has its advantages and cannot be compared to other universities.

Whatever university you choose, you must know the best way to fulfill your dream of studying abroad. In addition to academic grades that must be adequate, there are seven other ways that you can apply so that you can realize your dream to study abroad, especially at the destination university.

Study Abroad

Concentrating abroad involves pride for understudies. Many universities abroad also offer a variety of different majors and study programs, often you can only find them at the university. Even so, preparing to study abroad is a challenge in itself because many things must be prepared.

Most students choose to use the services of an overseas education consultant to help them prepare for the various things needed to study abroad. With the help of an education consultant, the registration process will be much easier and you can focus more on preparing other things related to your academics.

Before deciding to study abroad, you need to know some important things. For example, how to register to study abroad to the tuition fees you have to spend during the lecture period. Generally, universities charge different tuition fees, depending on the course and degree you take. It’s a good idea to research several universities that you have chosen, before choosing the best university in your opinion.
By studying abroad, you can also be more independent and gain more experience, as well as meet people from all over the world, especially if you manage to get into the college that most worldwide understudies go to.

Tips and How to Study Abroad

Many universities apply online or through official education agencies. ICAN Education Consultant as an official education agent for studying abroad has many choices of universities from several countries that you can go to. For more information about the services provided by ICAN Education, you can contact our team and counselors.

To be able to continue your education abroad, there are some tips that you can apply.


1. Scholarship

Scholarships still seem to be something that is sought after by students. In Indonesia itself, there are many types of scholarships that students can choose from. Each type of scholarship has its requirements that must be met.

The most common types of scholarships sought are government scholarships, both Indonesian and foreign governments. Scholarships from the Indonesian government itself generally cover round-trip tickets, tuition fees, and living expenses. It should be noted that almost all government scholarships require a TOEFL/IELTS certificate.

If you are looking for a university scholarship, you need to be accepted first at the destination university, because you need to show satisfactory academic performance and study achievement before the university provides a scholarship.

Other scholarships that you can choose from are sponsored or private scholarships. Several large companies usually open scholarships regularly and do not hesitate to provide financial assistance for outstanding students, both to universities at home and abroad. Check private company websites for scholarship opportunities.

If you have a special talent in the arts or sports, you can get a cultural scholarship which is usually given in the form of a residency, or stay for a few months at a university or art gallery.

2. Student Exchange

Another way that you can do to study abroad is to join a student exchange program. However, for this method, you need to show achievements at campus or school. You must be active in various organizations, personalities, or special skills to get student exchange opportunities. Because these things are taken into consideration for the selection of student exchanges.

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Apart from that, you must also be proficient in academics. For those of you who are already in college, the average IP that must be owned is 3.0, or students who are still in school must have a report card score of 75 percent.

3. Student Loans

Confused about the cost of studying abroad? This one method seems to be a consideration. Some countries have student loan programs, where these programs allow students to study at certain universities by lending a large amount of money. The loaned money can later be paid when the student has graduated and gets a job.

For this point, you need to read the contract and the amount of interest you have to pay. In addition, find out when you have to pay and in what ways you can repay the loan.

4. Summer Course

Ever heard of summer class? Well, this is a program that is usually organized by the government or the private sector to provide opportunities for foreign students to experience living in that country. The program runs from 1 to 6 months and is devoted to learning the specifics of the country, such as language and culture.

Even though you won’t get any degree, there is a certificate that you will get and it will most likely be very useful when you apply for a scholarship. So, it never hurts to join this program, because you will get an unforgettable experience.

5. Volunteer Program

Do you often participate in volunteer programs and volunteer there? If so, then you can join a volunteer program to study abroad. In this program, usually, you will be sent to various countries to carry out social activities. The social activities carried out usually include teaching elementary school children, making various counseling, and conducting simple research.

To join this program, you may have to pay for yourself, which includes airfare and living expenses while in the destination country. So, manage your finances if you really plan to join this volunteer program. The certificate that you will get, will be very helpful if you take the scholarship test or apply for a job.

6. Research

If you have a particular research project and if you have the opportunity to carry it out abroad, then try to get a scholarship from the government or the private sector. Usually, this scholarship is proposed by postgraduate graduates who wish to continue their education to a doctoral degree.

Not haphazardly, your research must be absolutely perfect, so that it can be taken into consideration by scholarship givers. Also, keep in mind that the research must be in English and legalized by the university where you are studying.

Make sure your research proposal is made as perfect as possible because this scholarship opportunity is still very large because there are still very few applicants from Indonesia.

7. Seminar

Attending seminars turns out to be an opportunity for you to study abroad. The trick is to attend academic seminars held in other countries. Not sure about having to apply for a visa? No need to worry, because you only need a tourist visa to enter the country because seminars are usually only held for a few days. The process of making a tourist visa itself is also fairly simple and does not take too long.

Where to find the academic seminar? You can visit the official websites of foreign universities regularly to find out the schedule of seminars organized by the university.

To attend a seminar held at a foreign university, you need to prepare your own travel expenses. The fee is also usually not too expensive, considering that the seminar is only held for a few days.

Even though you have to prepare your own funds, the certificate that you will get will be very useful when you take a scholarship test or apply for a job. Because this certificate is a very strong consideration for getting scholarships and jobs.



Some of the tips and ways to register for study abroad listed above can be applied. Choose the method that best suits your abilities and if you really can do it. An important point that you should pay attention to is excellent academic performance, as well as sufficient organizational activities to be able to participate in one of several ways to apply to study abroad.

Also pay attention to other requirements, such as English language certification, namely TOEFL/IELTS, passports and visas, as well as other required requirements. The TOEFL/IELTS certificate itself usually has a minimum score that must be met. If you are still unsure about your English language skills, ICAN English as an English Language Course Institute presents English courses that you can take as an effort to improve your English skills which will be the basis for studying abroad.

If all requirements have been met, both academic and administrative requirements, you can register online through the university’s official website or an official education agency.

With the right official education agency, the application process becomes easier because their team will assist with each application process to the destination university and ensure you arrive in the country safely. With the methods above, studying abroad is no longer a mere dream.

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