Is your goal to study and work abroad?

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A more exciting experience, wider insight and networking, and higher salary are some of the reasons for choosing to work abroad. But to be able to work abroad, of course, several things must be prepared, including a work visa, which is a special visa as proof that you can legally work in someone else’s country. Getting a work visa is not easy, especially if you do not have sufficient skills, sufficient English language skills, or a sponsoring company.


Relax, there is still a solution for you to be able to work abroad. Try this option, study while working and then have a career abroad. So, first of all, you can continue your education from diploma, bachelor, to master and doctorate. The countries of Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA allow students to study while working part-time, even on school holidays you can work full time and on national holidays in these countries wages are usually paid double.
I’ve studied culinary at one of the high schools in Bali, but I feel that the knowledge I have gained is still not sufficient to be able to achieve the career I dream of. So I decided to study back in Sydney.

Is your goal to study and work abroad?

In addition, I can work part-time at a restaurant in Sydney so I can practice the knowledge I have gained, establish networking and of course, earn an income. Thank you Edlink+ConneX for providing a reference that fits my needs, namely learning while working. Until now I can adjust the schedule between college and work. Thanks for all the administrative help provided so I can get here.

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Name: Augie Agaci
Study: Moorabbin, Australia

I have a passion for the culinary field and have been looking for information beforehand about schools in Australia that suit my desires. But it turned out to be quite difficult to take care of the registration myself, so I came to Edlink+ConneX so that I can be helped to take care of this registration.

I finally came to Edlink+ConneX Bali with all the necessary files. During the consultation process, I received complete information, and it turned out that I could study while working. That same day Edline immediately processed my documents from registration to student visa and finally, I managed to study in Australia and of course study while working in a restaurant here.

Name: Ellin, Sukma
Study: Auckland, Newzealand

We are currently studying in Auckland, New Zealand. We were initially nervous because we had never studied abroad before, and had just finished high school. But fortunately, there are counselors at Edlink+ConneX Bali who help provide information and help with our study arrangements. We were also very lucky because with the right information we were able to get a partial scholarship from the campus.


Because our study budget was limited, both of us had planned to go abroad not only to study but also while work to gain experience and provision.

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Our initial obstacle was the financial evidence needed to arrange for a study VISA. New Zealand is the right alternative because the required financial evidence is not as big as in other countries. New Zealand is the right decision because after only 1 week we are here, we have got a job that can be adapted to our educational program on campus.

  • How to?
  • Is it difficult to manage?
  • What should be prepared?

How much will it cost?

When choosing to study while working, of course, you have to register first to the school/university you are going to after that take care of a student visa.

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