Reasons Why We Need to Study Abroad?

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Studying abroad is the dream of every young person, including in Indonesia. Traveling to other parts of the world to study, learn a new culture that is completely different from their original culture. Why is studying abroad such a popular phenomenon? Why should we study abroad?

Apart from being able to travel around the world, many other benefits come from studying abroad. In Indonesia, overseas graduates are highly valued and can get better jobs. Studying abroad also provides experiences in a different social life.

These are the reasons that will further convince us to study abroad.


1. A Challenge to Face

There is a very huge test in it. It’s troublesome living alone in someone else’s country, in any case, that is fundamental for the fun of concentrating abroad.

At first, we may be hesitant to leave the house, and that is experienced by everyone. But after stepping in, there will be many new things that we have never met before. Even though it was hard at first, we will never regret it.

2. Seeing the Outside World

This is what it means to see the real world outside. By studying abroad, we can see a new country, with new scenery, new culture, and new ways. We can also visit historical places, and tourist attractions, and even go to neighboring countries.

For example, if we have the opportunity to study in the Netherlands, we also have the opportunity to visit France, Germany, Italy, and even England! Being able to travel the world is a bonus for anyone who can study abroad. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to travel the world and gain knowledge at the same time?

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3. Finding New Friends

One of the most enjoyable things about starting school is meeting new friends. But what we will find later is more than just new friends. Meeting people who were raised in different cultures and then finding a match is an unforgettable experience.

Making friends is no longer just friends, but also exchanging culture, way of life, and the special food of each country!

4. Learn a New Culture

When you study abroad, you will not only gain knowledge, but also a new culture. Living in someone else’s country means a lot of things that have to be adjusted. Their lifestyle and manners are different from our native culture. Herein lies the real challenge and benefit.

We will find things that may never be expected before. By studying abroad, we will be richer in knowledge and experience. Imagine eating new foods, attending local festivals that don’t exist in our country, places we only meet there and so much more.

5. Quality Education

Countries in Europe and America have world-class schools with quality education. Of course, this is the biggest benefit of studying abroad. Get into a top university, study with great teachers, and feel proud to be a part of it.

Education abroad has different rules and a wider field of knowledge. There are many majors and concentrations that we have never been with before, and who know we are experts in these fields.

6. Learn a New Language

Learning the local language of the country where we study is another challenge that overseas students have to face. But all these experiences become valuable lessons that are very beneficial. In countries like England or America, we can learn English directly from residents.

While in countries like Italy, France, or the Netherlands we can learn their native language. It also adds to our insight. Learning multiple languages will never hurt.

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7. Better Jobs

The main goal of students who study abroad is definitely to get a better job. Graduates of an international standard school are more valued in any part of the world. Especially if we study in a world-class university.

Apart from education, the experience of living abroad is also an added value. Someone who has studied abroad has conquered great challenges and has broad knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world. These aspects are highly sought after in the modern business world.


8. Independence

A person’s independence phase comes when they graduate from high school and then continue to study at university. Living away from parents makes a person more independent in all things. Especially if you study abroad.

Not only far from parents, but far from home country. If studying in the country, going home can still be reached in just a few hours. Meanwhile, if you study abroad, you may not be able to go home once a year. In addition to the long-distance, the cost of returning home is also not cheap.

Those are different justifications for why we ought to concentrate abroad. Opportunities to study in a foreign country are opened as wide as possible through scholarship programs held by the government, organizations, or companies. There are many universities and major concentrations to choose from. Studying abroad will be a very valuable experience in life.

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